Crash with "privileged instruction in 16-bit code"

Andreas Mohr andi at
Mon Jun 10 14:01:22 CDT 2002

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 09:58:27AM -0700, Andriy Palamarchuk wrote:
> An app crashes with this message. Described in the bug
> 768:
> Does anybody want to look at it?

> Unhandled exception: privileged instruction in 16-bit
> code (034f:49f0).
> Symbol __strtol_internal is invalid
> 0x034f:0x49f0: pushw    %es:0x4(%bx)
> Wine-dbg>info reg
>   CS:034f SS:0a27 DS:0a27 ES:0000 FS:0000 GS:0000
>   IP:49f0 SP:90a0 BP:932c FLAGS:0206(   - 00  I   -
> -P1 )
Sounds like ES:BX is a NULL pointer
(you forgot to list BX, though).
And as ES == NULL == evil, this results in a privileged instruction exception.
Try to find out where the NULL pointer comes from via relay trace
or by walking the function backtrace (checking where ES:BX gets loaded
and where this memory location or register gets its value from).

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