Linux patch for supporting shortcuts and symlinks on VFAT

Brian Vincent vinn at
Tue Jun 11 11:50:28 CDT 2002

> It seem that at least some people are against it inclusion so I
> wonder whether we should support inclusion of the patch or not.

I'd agree that doing it at the kernel level isn't the answer.  You
don't want to abstract that information away from the user.  Plus,
like Francois mentioned there's a bunch of cases where it's just
not going to work.  However, what would be interesting (if you're
going to parse the .lnk file anyway) is to display it as a symlink,
but not actually have it operate as a link.  For instance:

-rw-r--r--   1 vinn  power        22 Jun 11 09:16 junk -> c:\Program Files\bar 

At that point it becomes useful to parse large directories of .lnk
files by simply reading the directory.  Leave it up to the application
(Wine, etc) to figure out how to translate the path.  With proper
error handling you could probably add it as a "feature" to every



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