builtin oleaut32

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 11 12:20:25 CDT 2002


I have been doing some playing with builtin oleaut32 and a Visual Basic
program I am trying to get working under wine with no-windows (well, as
little as possible anyway).

I noticed after copying some ocx files from windows, I was starting to trap
due to unimplemented stubs inside oleaut32, and have started coding up just
enough to get my application working. Every time I fix one issue, I find 2
others, so before I dive in too far has anyone else done any work in
improving this area which hasnt been submitted, or is anyone actively
working on this - or should I just continue?

Currently I have:
VarCmp support for BSTR and Integer variants
VarAnd support for boolean variants only
VarNot support for boolean variants only
VarParseNumFromStr support for negative numbers
VarNumFromParseNum support shorts
VarDateFromUDate return value is incorrect
VarNot support for boolean variants only

Two other questions as I am still fairly new at Unix in general, let alone
1. What is the policy on patches - Is one big one with all changes for the
same module ok?
2. What about tracing - While writing them I have added trace to show the
parms and return values (relay just shows the rc whereas the actual return
value is normally a third varient). Should I leave these in?


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