builtin oleaut32

Marcus Meissner marcus at jet.franken.de
Tue Jun 11 13:29:40 CDT 2002

On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 06:20:25PM +0100, Ann and Jason Edmeades wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been doing some playing with builtin oleaut32 and a Visual Basic
> program I am trying to get working under wine with no-windows (well, as
> little as possible anyway).
> I noticed after copying some ocx files from windows, I was starting to trap
> due to unimplemented stubs inside oleaut32, and have started coding up just
> enough to get my application working. Every time I fix one issue, I find 2
> others, so before I dive in too far has anyone else done any work in
> improving this area which hasnt been submitted, or is anyone actively
> working on this - or should I just continue?

Just continue, but please submit blocks of functions as you finish them,
so possible duplication of work is reduced.

> Currently I have:
> VarCmp support for BSTR and Integer variants
> VarAnd support for boolean variants only
> VarNot support for boolean variants only
> VarParseNumFromStr support for negative numbers
> VarNumFromParseNum support shorts
> VarDateFromUDate return value is incorrect
> VarNot support for boolean variants only
> Two other questions as I am still fairly new at Unix in general, let alone
> wine....
> 1. What is the policy on patches - Is one big one with all changes for the
> same module ok?

Progressively, seperated into logical components. So Alexandre and
wine-patches can grasp it. ;)

My experience shows that patches should not be kept too long, or they just
start to diverge too muchg.

> 2. What about tracing - While writing them I have added trace to show the
> parms and return values (relay just shows the rc whereas the actual return
> value is normally a third varient). Should I leave these in?

If it is not shown by +relay just leave it in.

Ciao, Marcus

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