Problems converting DLL to unix SO with winelib

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Wed Jun 12 06:54:44 CDT 2002

Late last night I was looking at the makefile and saw that I could 
put the imports there. I tested this and it worked.
I will put it in the next...and then rerun configure.

winebuild is receiving the import parameters like gcc does for includes and 

Thanks for helping me get this far.

My main question now is:
Winemaker creates my winelib *.SO as .
When trying to use is in my test app...

I can´t get winebuild to understand the name.
I have to copy to
I then tell winebuild to import libmytest.dll or libmytest
I ALSO have to tell gcc to link mytest.
If I dont tell gcc to link mytest I get unresolved symbols in the final
linkage of the winelib app.
If I dont tell winebuild to import libmytest.dll then the winelib DLL
is not correctly initialized at run time.

It seems strange to me to have to link with GCC and import with WINEBUILD.

Is this correct?

If so, then ideally winemaker -dll should generate names like mytest.dll
instead of Or winemaker after make install should create symlinks
/usr/local/lib/ ->


> First of all, the patch may be far from perfect, I made it to suit my
> own needs. I am happy about bug reports.
Sure, I am using it!
> It is correct that there are no more imports in the spec file.
> The import libraries are put in the instead, in the
> xyz_IMPORTS variable, where xyz is your project name (have you rerun
> ./configure ?).

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