locale tests failed

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at sun.consumer.org.il
Wed Jun 12 09:43:11 CDT 2002

Paul Millar wrote:

>BTW, has MS taken down their API reference from the MSDN website? I was
>looking for the Win32 API reference on the MSDN web-site (to try and fix
>the regression tests), but I couldn't find them. As far as I can remember,
>it was available from MSDN Home --> MSDN Library --> Windows Development
>--> Win32 API ... but there's only a sample chapter from a book there now.
It's still there, just spread out a lot.

Depends on what you are looking for. Usually, what I would do is type in 
the "search" area the name of the function, and then click on the link 
(careful not to click where the URL has something along the lines of 
"ceui", because that's windows CE). From there, everything is cross 
referenced, and you can click the "up".

The paths to other functions have become much much much much much less 
convinent, but I believe the same has also happened to the latest MSDNs 
on CD - they are horrible user interface, to the point where you would 
usually rather use the online site (or an old MSDN CD). It's really 
interesting how MS's UI is deteriorating as time goes on (with the sole 
exception of Win 3.11->Win95). I have had to spend one day with Windows 
XP (install a friend's computer), and spent the entire time cursing 
about the UI.


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