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Wed Jun 12 11:19:03 CDT 2002

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> Hi all,
> I am new to installing wine by hand, as I always trusted the installation 
> made by Mandrake, Redhat & co.
> I managed to run Lotus WordPro (as an example of complex app.) some time 
> ago, and got impressed. Since then (can't remember version!), I have had 
> problems with newer versions even to execute notepad.
> Today I have downloaded latest wine (unstripped-061202), installed like
> rpm -i --nodeps --force wine-etc.etc.
> (I use mandrake 8.2, by the way)
> then copied /etc/wine/config to /root/.wine/config, and edited it like
> (only appropriate sections):
> [Drive C]
> "Path" = "/mnt/windows"
> "Type" = "hd"
> "Label" = "MS-DOS"
> "Filesystem" = "win95"
> [wine]
> "Windows" = "c:\\windows"
> "System" = "c:\\windows\\system"
> "Temp" = "e:\\"
> "Path" = "c:\\windows;c:\\windows\\system;e:\\;e:\\test;f:\\"
> "Profile" = "c:\\windows\\Profiles\\Administrator"
> "GraphicsDriver" = "x11drv"
> ; Wine doesn't pass directory symlinks to Windows programs by default.
> ; Enabling this may crash some programs that do recursive lookups of a
> ; subdir tree in case of a symlink pointing back to itself.
> ;"ShowDirSymlinks" = "1"
> "ShellLinker" = "wineshelllink"

The DllOverrides section is quite important too.
Does it say that gdi32 should be loaded builtin,native?
(It is normally recommended that gdi32, kernel32, user32 are loaded builtin;
I've never heard of anyone trying to run the native gdi32 and kernel32 under

> NOW /mnt/windows is where windows trylly resides (my windows partition). 
> For example:
> [root at mypc root]# ls -l /mnt/windows/windows/system/gdi32.dll
> -rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root       155648 may  5  1999 
> /mnt/windows/windows/system/gdi32.dll*
> [root at mypc root]#
> Finally, when I try to execute notepad.exe, I get:
> [root at mypc root]# cd /mnt/windows/windows
> [root at mypc windows]# wine notepad.exe
> err:module:PE_fixup_imports Module (file) GDI32.dll (which is needed by 
> C:\windows\system\shell32.dll) not found
> err:win32:PE_LoadLibraryExA can't load C:\windows\system\shell32.dll
> err:module:MODULE_LoadLibraryExA Loading of native DLL 
> C:\windows\system\shell32.dll failed (error 14), check this file.
> err:module:PE_fixup_imports Module (file) SHELL32.dll (which is needed by 
> C:\windows\notepad.exe) not found
> [root at mypc windows]#
> Why? What can I be doing wrong? Could it be a question of 
> capitals/noncapitals? if this is the case, in my opinion, Wine should STOP

> being case sensitive, just as the whole 'DOS/VMM/Windows' thingy is...
> Aitor

wine --debugmsg +module notepad.exe
You may also find
wine --debugmsg +module,+file notepad.exe 2>notepad.log


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