WM_GETTEXTLENGTH returns double size

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 13 10:08:57 CDT 2002

--- Shachar Shemesh <wine-devel at sun.consumer.org.il>
> I don't mind receiving ownership over all
> non-western languages, as I 
> speak a BiDi language, and have experience in
> programming for an MBCS 
> language (and between the two you are almost cover
> the entire range of 
> problematic languages), but that does not mean that
> the two are, in any 
> way, related.

Hidenori Takeshima did a lot of work with MBCS (this
is why I'm CCing him the thread), Dimitry Timoshkov
has big experience with internationalization issues.

To clear my position - having a bug assigned to you
does not mean you are required to work on it.
I already assigned this issue to myself.

> BTW, bringing us to the "ownership" issue. Is wine
> going to have a 
> "Credits" file, sorted by lines of code submitted or
> similar criteria? 

I do not like idea of having such "official" list,
like we have list of authors now. Contribution is a
gift. One appreciates gifts not basing on their price
However, I do not see anything wrong against creating
such a list to satisfy curiosity.

> It would be nice to have my name there in case I am
> ever fired for 
> answering WINE emails while at work ;-).

Do not worry, after you are fired you'll have some
time to create a script to parse archive of wine-cvs
mailing list and generate this information ;-)
Changelog, wine-devel can also tell a lot about your


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