dlls/ddraw build problem

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 13 15:47:19 CDT 2002

> But never fear, I'm actually currently working on
> making more proper use
> of the DirectDraw HAL. This would let the x11drv HAL
> itself create the
> special DIB sections it needs, rather than having
> the ddraw.dll call this
> nonstandard entry point. I was planning to submit it
> to rewind when I was
> done (will take another week or so depending on my
> workload).

Are you going to be CC'ing wine-patches on your rewind
merges or is it going to be each maintainer job to
check ReWind to keep both trees in sync?
> Unfortunately, it's still going to be kinda unlikely
> to work on real
> Windoze (the NT/2000 HAL is different from the win95
> HAL, and we use the
> win95 HAL structures with the 16-bit parts treated
> like 32-bit parts, so
> it isn't compatible with anything)

Gav said something at Wineconf about WineX using the
HAL interfaces you guys could port to ReactOS. We
assumed he meant NT/2K HAL. Is this only true for
certain parts of WineX/ReWind or whats the deal? I
dont even remeber now what parts of DirectX he was
discussing at the time so it might not be releated to
this discussion.


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