dlls/ddraw build problem

Ove Kaaven ovehk at ping.uio.no
Thu Jun 13 16:27:54 CDT 2002

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, Steven Edwards wrote:

> > But never fear, I'm actually currently working on
> > making more proper use
> > of the DirectDraw HAL. This would let the x11drv HAL
> > itself create the
> > special DIB sections it needs, rather than having
> > the ddraw.dll call this
> > nonstandard entry point. I was planning to submit it
> > to rewind when I was
> > done (will take another week or so depending on my
> > workload).
> Are you going to be CC'ing wine-patches on your rewind
> merges or is it going to be each maintainer job to
> check ReWind to keep both trees in sync?

Since such patches would probably not apply unmodified to Wine anyway, it
would probably be the job of someone inclined to merge this stuff to
subscribe to rewind-patches (and/or rewind-cvs).

> > Unfortunately, it's still going to be kinda unlikely
> > to work on real
> > Windoze (the NT/2000 HAL is different from the win95
> > HAL, and we use the
> > win95 HAL structures with the 16-bit parts treated
> > like 32-bit parts, so
> > it isn't compatible with anything)
> Gav said something at Wineconf about WineX using the
> HAL interfaces you guys could port to ReactOS. We
> assumed he meant NT/2K HAL.

The structures we currently use are from the Win9x DDK. But changing it to
use NT-compatible structures instead may not be that hard, I don't know.

> Is this only true for certain parts of WineX/ReWind or whats the deal?

I'm not sure I understand the question. Each DirectX component has its own
completely independent HAL. (At least they used to... I haven't checked if
this is still the case in WDM, but each component has obviously radically
different requirements, so I'd guess so.)

> I dont even remeber now what parts of DirectX he was discussing at the
> time so it might not be releated to this discussion.

He was mostly talking about Direct3D, I think.

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