Old unicode standard

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at sun.consumer.org.il
Sat Jun 15 04:35:29 CDT 2002

  Andreas Mohr wrote:

>Hmm, which approximate time frame is this ?
>1998 ? 94 ? 89 ? :-)
I'm talking about the 1991-2 time frame. I believe this makes it 
~Unicode 1.0. A later version could come in handy as well. See later on.

David.Goodenough at dga.co.uk wrote:

>I have the version 1.0 and 2.0 books, what exactly do you want to know?  In
>wha?t form would you like the information
I am interested in the BiDi algorythm as defined by these standards. Any 
format that you can send me is fine. If you would just like to summarize 
the algorythm, that would be great, but I'm afraid that would amount to 
huge amounts of work. LIke I said - I would have used the online 
library, only it doesn't go back that much.

It seems from the information MS released in the MSDN that they are 
using Version 1.0 of the BiDi algorythm. This goes a great way in 
understanding why their reordering is so crummy. That leaves us the 
question of what do we do now.

MS defines only 12 BiDi types. These are not enough to implement the 3.0 
BiDi algorythm. I don't know whether the types defined are compatible 
with the 2.0 algorythm. There is also the question of whether we want to 
support MS's bugs, in addition to their features.

What version I need depends on what's in the 2.0 standard. If the 
algorythm there depends on the same 12 types MS defined, I'm leaning 
torwards implementing that. If it requires further types (as the 3.0 
algorythm does), I think I'll go with the 1.0 standard. We may add a 
special command line feature, available only if a library such as 
freebidi is available, that will send the strings to an outside library 
for reordering, which will give us 3.0 support for very little extra 
work (with performance penalties).


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