Accept lphc == NULL in listboxes

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Sun Jun 16 17:12:09 CDT 2002

Uwe Bonnes wrote:

>	controls/listbox.c: LISTBOX_HandleLButtonDownCombo/
>	                    ComboLBWndProc_common
>        Accept lphc == NULL in more places
>This makes the properities list boxes in Xilinx Webpack work. As there are
>other places where lphc == NULL is handled, it shouldn't be the wrong way.
>The application was somehow unwilling to get debugged. Running the suite
>from the commandline, it entered the debugger and looped endless. Running it
>with winedbg, the loader hanged. Only with some application ("tkstartwdog
>-C", also know as a problem causer in other EDA applications) of the
>toolchain as a separate process and starting the target process ("_pn.exe -C
>WebPACK4.2 -U MTOC.chm") in the debugger showed up the problem. Running the
>target process in a normal wine process made the application catch the
>exeption, show up a messagebox about that and crash in another place.
Not to be a PITA but there is no patch...

Tony Lambregts

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