Recent CVS update changed printer configs?

Carl Sopchak carl.sopchak at
Mon Jun 17 09:18:08 CDT 2002


I have been using Wine to run QuickBooks for a few months now.  When I 
originally got it set up, I had to define a "pseudo printer" in order for the 
checks to print from the manual feed tray.  I did this by copying the ppd 
file for my printer, and in the PaperSize: Letter section added the 
postscript code to set manual feed on, then defining a printer in the system 
registry that used this ppd file.  I also changed the ps.c program to 
(always) turn off manual feed at the end of the postscript output.

This "pseudo printer" is not configured in LPRng:  I want the output to go to 
the default (and only) physical printer on my system.

Now, I do CVS updates about once a week, as I'm also hoping to get Quicken 
running under Wine.  (No luck yet, as Quicken's internet configuration 
doesn't run.  I'll start working to debug this in about a week or two...)  My 
updates have been simply "cvs update && ./configure && make depend && make && 
make install".  My last update was last Friday (6/14).

Today, when I tried to print checks from QuickBooks, my "pseudo printer" was 
no longer defined, so the printer did not print from the manual feed tray.  
It's been about a month since I last tried to print checks.  (It worked right  

Has there been a commit to CVS that changed how printing is configured?  I 
have not made any changes to any of my configuration files since I got 
QuickBooks initially running.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I 
could get this going again?

Thanks for the help,


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