problem with mixed data/audio

ep eric.pouech at
Fri Jun 14 11:02:23 CDT 2002

> I found one problem with mixed CD's.Started with no music in one game, but
later I
> found that using windows cdplayer audio CD's play right with wine but when
> track is data whole CD is unplayable. I think I tracked down the problem
to functions
> in
> dlls/winmm/mcicda/mcicda.c (?)
> and
> /dlls/ntdll/cdrom.c
> I want to try to find fix myself (I feel it is time to start to work on
something), but if
> anyone thinks it is cleanly his playground I will provide as much info as
I can get...
don't worry and go ahead. if the fix is correct, no one will complain

> So
> let me know if I should start to try to understand wine code or if I
should let it be...
> Until now I spent about one-two hours on it si I made no real progess (I
only learn
> how it works...)
depends on you. you can either:
- try to fix it yourself
- report all data and get directions for the fix
- leave is at it is
but as in any open source project, the more you put in, the more you get at
the end
so first option (or second to start with) is the best

> problem is that it calculates bad frames for first datatrack (it thinks it
has more then
> 66 minutes, which is about 3x more then it really has.... dagrab shows
that first track
> uses frames 150..99xxx and wine writes to its log 150...288xxx.
did you check the consistency of the mode track info is returned ? normally
supports several formats (time, TMSF, MSF, frame...), and it can well be
MCICDA "default" format isn't the right one.

> After this it cannot find next track and in log I see  'device doesn't

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