(Demo CD available) Has anyone tested AutoCad 2000 with any

Matts kivik at firstlinux.net
Tue Jun 18 01:56:20 CDT 2002

>> AutoDesk now offers a free 15 day demo CD of AutoCad. I hope some of the
>> talanted wine developers take the opportunity to get the CD and try to get
>> it to work.
>> http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/item/0,,616392-123112,00.html
>> In my opinion there are two windows application that are more important
>> than others and that is AutoCad and Quark express. Linux does not have good
>> alternatives to theese, and for instance AutoCad users are engineers which
>> are interested in technics and I now several that would like to ha linux at
>> work but cant since it cant run AutoCad.
>> --- Matts <kivik at firstlinux.net> wrote:
>> >Great, it sounds as if it can be working seriously sooon.
>> >
>> >Is there any way a non wine developer can help with point 3 in the HOWTO ?
>> > = (ie finding why ARX apps hang). Solving that will solve a lot of the
>> > other = points and it will be closer to wider usage.
>> >
>> >3) Open SYSTEM.REG file in ~/.wine and remove ALL lines with
>> >LOADCTRLS=3D....... and save it.
>> >Don't ask why, I dunno but this prevents loading of an ARX
>> >app that hangs Autocad.
>> >
>> >The FONTS issue is a one time problem, and the regen might not be to hard
>> > t= o solve. (dirty hack, somehoe regen at each mouserelease).
>> >
>> >--- Sylvain Petreolle <spetreolle at yahoo.fr> wrote:
>> >>see
>> >>http://appdb.codeweavers.com/appview.php?appId=3D86&versionId=3D102
>> >>
>> >>> Once upon a time I got Autocad R13 to work, only
>> >>> toolbars and screenrefresh was not working to 100%,
>> >>> then it broke completely, and 10 months ago when I
>> >>> tested with AutoCad 2000 it was still broken.=20
>> >>>=20
>> >>> Has anyone done any testing recently ?
>> >>>=20
>> >>> AutoCad and Quark express are two very important
>> >>> pieces of software for wine, since they both lack
>> >>> useable alternatives natively built for Linux.

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