PATCH: fix for RPM

Pavel Roskin proski at
Tue Jun 18 12:07:46 CDT 2002

Hi, Vincent!

> Kristian should now how many people downloads each versions. As to why
> it hasn't been fixed before, a few ideas: people install from the
> .tar.gz, people install from their distro, people fix it each time,
> people have another RPM source, people use Debian. Or (it is a
> possibility, although I think it's very unlikely) Kristian has ignored
> previous patches.

Actually, I have received the reply from Kristian already.  He writes that
the patch will be applied.  My guess is that there is that most people
didn't have time, motivation or qualification to fix this RPM given the
existance of alternatives.

> But is this list appropriate for questions about third-party Wine
> packaging?

I'm sorry if it's not.

Pavel Roskin

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