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Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Tue Jun 18 12:33:37 CDT 2002

Le mar 18/06/2002 à 13:21, Medland, Bill a écrit :
> Can someone save me the trouble of hunting and experimenting on the
> following please?
> Our program currently is installed through installshield.  It does the usual
> loading of newer Microsoft DLLs etc as well as of our own objects.  Rather
> than registering them immediately it adds the registration tasks to the
> RunOnce part of the registry and requires a reboot.
> When I had a go a couple of days ago I didn't actually "do the reboot".  (At
> the time I didn't know how our installer worked) and registered the dlls etc
> by hand (when I figured out that they weren't).
> Can anyone tell me if the "RunOnce" registry section works and if
> "rebooting" in the Windows sense actually reboots the wine server?
> Bill

No, it doesn't. CodeWeavers seem to have something in that sense (they
have a reboot.so, although I don't know what it does exactly). Check Bug
#717 in Bugzilla, it seems to be somewhat related.


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