Dynamically linking with a Unix library - or not

Shachar Shemesh linuxil at consumer.org.il
Wed Jun 19 05:05:48 CDT 2002

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

>Your are quite right, Fribidi's main algorithms are not going to 
>change anymore, the things I'm playing with these days are all 
>interface and other side stuff (BTW if you want arabic joining 
>too, things become a little different).
I will, eventually. Then again, I don't think that integrating a first 
version that isn't perfect in that respect, and then doing the port 
again when you guys are done, is such a bad idea.

>  The fribidi unicode 
>tables (for just BMP = 16bit) takes something between 2k and 8k 
>(space vs. speed configurable), so don't worry about that too.
Problem is that WINE already has its own unicode tables, and they do not 
hold enough room for the the 3.0 bidi algo (havn't checked what FriBidi 
is doing yet). I think it will be better for WINE (but not for my free 
time) to merge the information (probably very similar already).

As for compiling Fribidi with UTF-16 - from what I understood from what 
you said before, such a thing may cause reordering problems if Fribidi 
decides, for whatever reason, that a surrogate character needs to be 
right to left. I am not 100% familiar with the bidi algorythm yet, but 
won't marking all surrogate forms (both slices) as strong left to right 
solve this problem?

If not, we can always put in special handling that reorders surrogates 
as a pair.


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