How to make a stub dll ?

Ian D. Stewart idstewart at
Wed Jun 19 12:20:50 CDT 2002

On 2002.06.18 18:45 Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
> > So it's definitely NOT trivial to stub (except if
> > you plan to return 'not
> > supported' :-) ).
>  		 Lionel Ulmer -
> It's exactly what I want to do -
> for now the program crashes at 0xdeadbeef.
> I would just get the message 'xxx unsupported' instead
> of crash.
> Jesus, with winedump I only saw 5 exports - if I have
> the method that's defininitevly not a huge work ;))

Hey Sylvain,

I did some initial work implementing a stup ctl3d.dll (which I intend 
to get back to, honest!).  I found the 'IMPLEMENTING A NEW DLL' section 
of DEVELEPORS-HINTS to be a good starting point.  According to 
Alexandre, this file is grossly outdated and 'real' documentation will 
be written eventually.  Until then, I reckon DEVELOPERS-HINTS is better 
than a poke in the eye...

Happy Hacking,

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