How to make a stub dll ?

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Wed Jun 19 14:31:08 CDT 2002

> It's exactly what I want to do -
> for now the program crashes at 0xdeadbeef.
> I would just get the message 'xxx unsupported' instead
> of crash.
> Jesus, with winedump I only saw 5 exports - if I have
> the method that's defininitevly not a huge work ;))

Well, just look at, for example, 'dinput8'. That's the easiest DLL I know
and should be pretty equivalent to 'd3d8'.

Basically, you need to 
  1) create the d3d8 directory
  2) create a spec file with what winedump tells you
  3) create a d3d8_main.c (or whatever) file with the stubs in it
  4) create a file

(from 2) to 4) is just basic copy / paste / replace from what is in dinput8
 using the information provided by MSDN / winedump).

  5) run make_dlls in the dlls directory
  6) add a 'dlls/d3d8/Makefile' line in and regenerate configure
And that should be all :-)


PS: but well, you could have found everything by yourself (well, it's not
    that hard to look at a sample DLL and look how it is done) :-)

		 Lionel Ulmer -

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