wine can't find when it is not on the path

Rob Browning rlb at
Thu Jun 20 01:20:55 CDT 2002

Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> writes:

>> wineinstall fails because wine can't find
>> Obviously, the wine source directory does not exist in
>> path of just created config file.
> I'd say that wineinstall should run the installed wine binaries, not
> the ones from the source dir.

I recently tried the newish build infrastructure (using wineinstall),
and overall I liked it, but I wasn't able to use it without some
modifications.  That's because I install wine into
/usr/local/opt/wine, I never install it as root, and I don't want it
tinkering with my  I want to handle getting the right bits
in my PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH myself.  However, I *would* like to let
wineinstall handle all the rest.

So I was wondering if there would be any interest in a patch to
wineinstall that would allow this kind of install as an option.
Perhaps something like this:

  tools/wineinstall --not-root --prefix=/usr/local/opt/wine

Even easier would be to just allow envt var overrides rather than
coding for command line options.  i.e.

  WINEINSTALL_SU=no WINEINSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/opt/wine tools/wineinstall   

I could also output a final message would be output when anyone
specifies a prefix that says something like

  You have used a prefix other than the default.  You will need to
  make sure your PATH includes ... and your LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes
  ...  If you don't want to have to do this, please don't specify


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