How do I obtain GUIDs for socket transports?

Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Thu Jun 20 11:59:22 CDT 2002


I am currently trying to create a "clean" implementation of
WSAEnumProtocols and friends. Eventually WSASocket, WSADuplicateSocket,
getsockopt etc. will support the WSAPROTOCOL_INFO structs correctly.

Here is a question: Windows has a GUID assigned to each protocol.
"uuids.h" contains a large number of wine-UUIDs - how were these
constructed? How should I build mine? We are not talking about random
GUIDs here.

My NT box shows e.g. 

e70f1aa0-ab8b-11cf-8ca300805f48a192 for MS TCP/IP,
11058240-be47-11cf-95c800805f48a192 for MS IPX,
2c3b17a0-c6df-11cf-95c800805f48a192 for MS Appletalk.

Should I simply copy these for wine, or change them somehow?


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