Notes R4 redraw problem

Ian Pilcher pilchman at
Thu Jun 20 13:16:26 CDT 2002

Tony Lambregts wrote:
> Binary searching  is very efficient. As far as the theory goes I am 
> confident that a binary search for the bug should take 12 or or less 
> itinerations. The problem with this is that sometimes there are other 
> regressions that mask the original regression. I do not have lotus notes 
> (any version) but I do know about regression testing using CVS.

Tony -

If a binary search needs to be done, I'll do it.  (I can build and
install Wine in about 10 minutes on my system, so the compile time won't
be a problem.)  I am hoping to avoid it, however, because I'll have to
carve out and set up a complete test partition; I always use RPM to
install software on my production systems, and I don't want to spend the
time tweaking the SPEC file for each build.

Hopefully someone will be able to make sense of a message trace.
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