Notes R4 redraw problem

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Jun 20 14:01:26 CDT 2002

Le jeu 20/06/2002 à 14:57, Francois Gouget a écrit :
> On 20 Jun 2002, Vincent Béron wrote:
> [...]
> > Wouldn't it be possible to just install it in a scratch directory in the
> > home dir or in /tmp? That's what I do now for test builds, and it works
> > pretty well. I just use a wrapper script (yes, another) to wine, which
> > sets up the environment variables needed for it to work (PATH,
> > LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc.).
> You don't even need to install it at all. I have never installed Wine on
> my system.

The installation part makes it easy afterwards to install system-wide
when it works. But I agree you could do it after the testing, or not at

> What I do is something along the lines of:
> export WINE_ROOT=/home/fgouget/wine/wine
> export PATH="$WINE_ROOT:$WINE_ROOT/server:$WINE_ROOT/tools:$PATH"
> export WINEDLLPATH="$WINE_ROOT/dlls"
> Actually I have a script that does the above and which I use to pick one
> Wine tree or another (". wenv wine" or ". wenv wine2", etc.).

What's the fundamental difference between WINE_ROOT/WINEDLLPATHS and

> I also have a ~/.wine directory with a fake_windows configuration that I
> reuse from one time to the next. I also have it tarred so I can in
> essence "rm -rf ~/.wine && tar xvfz dotwine.tar.gz".

I also have an orig.tar.gz which is essentially the same thing, although
it also archives the etc dir. When I have a new test tree, I untar it,
then modify about 4 paths in it (I could use a sed script during the
installation, but I'm too lazy for now to sit down and write it).


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