How to make a stub dll ?

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Fri Jun 21 07:51:11 CDT 2002

I will do it monday (I don't have access to my
computer now).

> Well, at least submit your work about D3D 8
> stubbing. Let's hope that it
> will once contain 'real' stuff :-)
Sure it will :)
> And well, why would anyone need a bug to submit a
> patch ? We are not using
> yet such an advanced software process !

No, but we could create a metabug for d3d
implementation. d3d8.dll contains a lot of calls to
sub d3d8xxxxx dlls that we will emulate.

> Yeah, but when you look at 'dlls/' to add
> the new directory, you
> will see that it's an auto-generated file => you
> will use make_dlls :-)

> Not available ? I downloaded them from
> and they work fine.
Sorry, forgot something in my sentence :
no rpms are available for redhat 7.3 now, I downloaded
the RawHide ones.

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