Question about printer support in wine.

Joshua Thielen thielen at
Sat Jun 22 00:15:13 CDT 2002

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to set up my printer in wine in order to test SmartForms and 
LogicWorks (they both are helplessly out of order without a default 
printer). The documentation says that if you have CUPS installed, all 
printing options are autodetected regardless of .ini or registry 
entries. I have cups, libcups, and libcups-devel 1.1.0 installed and I'm 
running Mandrake 8.1. Configure is able to find the CUPS files and 
enables CUPS printing support in wine. But when I run either SmartForms 
or LogicWorks, it says that a default printer could not be found. Is the 
documentation correct, or am I missing something? I'm sorry, I probably 
should have posted this question to a different list, but I'm too lazy 
to go elsewhere.



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