Patch 1/2 for SmartForms Installer: PROFILE_GetString incorrect return value

Joshua Thielen thielen at
Sat Jun 22 06:01:27 CDT 2002

>Hmm, hmm. Could this happen to fix bug #724 also ?
>Word97 etc. broke when I handled the "default" case in PROFILE_GetString().
>As the log files received didn't show relay lines, only profile lines,
>I haven't been able to fix it.
>But this sounds like a reasonable cause for it...

Well, based on the bug description, I'd say it probably does. The 
SmartForms installer failed because the SFSERV.DLLcould not be found 
(needed by SFSETUP.EXE). In the INI file, SETUP.LST, the Params section 
contains a list of files to be uncompressed to the temporary directory 
~SFSETUP. Since GetProfileString returned only the number of characters 
in the first string, the installer only copied the installer executable 
SFSETUP.EXE but not the necessary supporting files (DLLs, etc). This 
sounds very similar to the problem reported in bug 724.


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