How well does WINE run if you have a Window$ CD?

Roland roland at
Mon Jun 24 07:06:59 CDT 2002


most potential WINE users already own a Windows CD. This is obvious because 
if you want to run a Windows program on Linux it is because you are 
probably already using it, and this means you have Windows installed somewhere.

Now, if I have the Windows CD I can copy all the needed DLLs(and whatever 
else) to the correct Directory.
Now my question how well does WINE run if you follow this approach?
If Wine doesn't work 100% doing it this way, I think this should be the 
main focus, because after this works, it will be just a question of time 
till we replace all DLLs with our own ones, one at a time.

What about DirectX? Can we use those DLLs? I suppose they need Windows 
drivers so they might not work with Linux. But would it be possible to make 
the Windows drivers work on Linux so that DirectX would run?

I think this would be a good intermediary goal, especially for all those 
companies wanting to switch from Windows to Linux because they already have 
Windows CDs.


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