silly question on bug tracker

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Tue Jun 25 10:12:34 CDT 2002

--- Ann and Jason Edmeades
<us at> wrote:
> Just a silly question, but using the bug interfacew,
> how do I assign a bug
> for me to do! I must be going blind but I just cant
> see what to do
> ( for
> example)

For me this page probably looks different as for you
;-) I think you are not logged in.

Normally you see a radio button group below the
comments field. The buttons which will be of your
interest are "Accept Bug" - the status changes to
"Assigned" and the bug is assigned to you, "Reassign
bug to" - the bug is reassigned to the person you
mention and status does not change. Accept bug if you
are working on it, only reassign to yourself if you
are going to work, but have not started yet - somebody
else could pickup the bug.

I want to give you more privileges, but you have two
accounts registered in Bugzilla. What account are you
going to use regulary?


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