Usind win dll with wine

psuchomel at psuchomel at
Wed Jun 26 11:54:37 CDT 2002

Hi wine gurus
I have some dll, I want to run under Linux. I try to study Wine
docs, but, if I say the truth, I did not make me clever so much.
Please, could you help me port this part of win code (extracted from
my java <--> cpp bridge) under Linux? Petr

//define dll handler
//define entry in dll
typedef char* (_pascal * GLL_version)();

//here is some call
//load library
if(  hInst == NULL )
    hInst = LoadLibrary("mylib");
if(  hInst == NULL )
//get proc address
FARPROC proc = GetProcAddress(hInst, "GLL_VERSION");
//and call it
if (proc != NULL)
    printf("%s", (char*)(GLL_version)proc());
//free handler
hInst = NULL;

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