Running Agfa Photowise on Wine

Timo Kujala tkujala at
Wed Jun 26 17:59:14 CDT 2002


I did some inspection how to get Agfa Photowise and my old CL50 to work under 

By default Photowise runs perfectly, except that when you try to connect to 
the camera, serial connection will always fail. After some debugging there is 
a very simple reason why this happens:

Photowise tries to flush the file handle using FlushFileBuffers(). Under wine, 
doing this on /dev/ttyS0 will return error and FlushFileBuffers() returns 
FALSE. Photowise will detect this as error and refuses to continue.

By forcing FlushFileBuffers() to always return TRUE, Photowise starts to work 
perfectly and finally my Agfa CL50 works with full 115200 speed under linux 

Perhaps somebody could figure out a clever fix for this in the future 

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