Running Agfa Photowise on Wine

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Wed Jun 26 19:45:58 CDT 2002

Timo Kujala wrote:

>I did some inspection how to get Agfa Photowise and my old CL50 to work under 
>By default Photowise runs perfectly, except that when you try to connect to 
>the camera, serial connection will always fail. After some debugging there is 
>a very simple reason why this happens:
>Photowise tries to flush the file handle using FlushFileBuffers(). Under wine, 
>doing this on /dev/ttyS0 will return error and FlushFileBuffers() returns 
>FALSE. Photowise will detect this as error and refuses to continue.
>By forcing FlushFileBuffers() to always return TRUE, Photowise starts to work 
>perfectly and finally my Agfa CL50 works with full 115200 speed under linux 
>Perhaps somebody could figure out a clever fix for this in the future 
If you start a bug report in bugzilla explaining the problem and attach 
 a diff -u or at least show of how you hacked wine, there is a good 
probability that someone could work up an adequate patch that could be 
applied to CVS. Heck you might be able to do it yourself, with a little 

Tony Lambregts

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