Regression Bug in Wine MM (Bug #817)

Rob Browning rlb at
Wed Jun 26 22:19:36 CDT 2002

"Ian D. Stewart" <idstewart at> writes:

> When running Baldur's Gate with recent builds of Wine, the game plays
> but without any sound.  Earlier build ran the game with wine.  The
> last known good build from CVS appears to be 2002-05-21 21:45:00 EDT.
> This looks like it may be related to the patch mmsystem.c commited by
> Alexandre Tue May 21 2002 - 20:52:31 CDT?
> I have attached the output from 'wine --debugmsg trace+relay
> Baldur.exe' to the bug report.
> Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist in
> debugging this.

I recently resurrected Baldur's Gate (with the TOSC add on) and got it
working pretty well here too (thanks all), with the one exception that
as of CVS June 22, it still locks up after playing any movie.  While I
know you can truncate the movie files to get around this, I was
wondering if anyone had an idea what was going on, or if I might be
able to help you debug the problem.

(Also I've been running BGMain.exe -- would it be better to be running


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