What needs to be done to fix Wine DGA Input.

Adam Luchjenbroers adam at luchjenbroers.com
Wed Jun 26 22:33:03 CDT 2002

> What needs to be fixed to make DGA input under Wine function correctly?

I'll clarify what my question was here.

I was having trouble with DGA, where I would start up a DGA application and 
it would not accept keyboard or mouse input.

So I did a search of comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine which turned up a similar 
question with an answer to the effect that DGA input in Wine was presently 

So I'd like to know how it was broken, where to look in the code, and what I 
can do to help fix it. I want working DGA input and I'm willing to do the 
coding to fix it. I was simply hoping someone could tell me where to look 
instead of needing me to hunt for the problem, as this would save me time.

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