Max max at
Fri Jun 28 18:10:25 CDT 2002

Well, I added some minor cleanups to Dib code, as long as your patch....
It seems to me that some old code hung inside X11DRV_SetDIBitsToDevice
function, as explained in my patch.
I'll send it to wine-patches too.
BTW, did you remark that Autocad toolbars are ill-drawn when undocked ?



Alle 23:18, giovedì 27 giugno 2002, hai scritto:
> > Patches to WD are NEVER getting applied (considered "testing" patches).
> > Every single docu out there says to send them either to wine-patches
> > (much preferred) or to Alexandre directly. ;-)
> I did send that patch to wine-patches.. I didn't however watch that list to
> see what happened to my patch.

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