What needs to be done to fix Wine DGA Input.

Adam Luchjenbroers adam at luchjenbroers.com
Thu Jun 27 20:32:40 CDT 2002

> Mouse partially ;-) works. For example I can play HMM4 in DGA.
> But mouse is some slow and similar that the part of events is
> lost (enter_window, leave_window, etc).

The behavior I'm getting is basically mouse is visible while being moved and 
otherwise takes up the position returned by GetCursorPos.

It seems that TA puts the cursor where it thinks it should be when it draws 
it. But that next frame it is snapped back to where Wine thinks it should be.

I'll look into making the cursor stay where TA puts it. ATM my implementation 
is a bit messy as it involves two new globals in mouse.c that are used to 
track mouse location under DGA.

Would you know of a better way of handling it?

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