Wine ODBC compatibilty

James Juran jamesjuran at
Fri Jun 28 17:43:06 CDT 2002

Robert Damen wrote:
> Wine,
>         I found this address on your website, if it is the wrong address for
> these types of questions - Sorry!.
> I was wondering weather you could answer a question I have about support for
> Microsoft Office applications.
> The question is about weather wine can emulate (or has its own version of)
> the "ODBC Data Sources (32bit)" application found in
> c:\windows\Control Panel\ODBC Data Sources
> This application is used to set up DSN drivers for ODBC access on Access and
> Excel.
> An example of one of the drivers that this application handles is the MyODBC
> 3.51 windows driver.

The "ODBC Data Sources" application in the control panel merely
manipulates registry entries.  If all you need to do is set them up, you
can do that easily with regedit.

If you're wondering if they will work after you set them up, someone
else will have to answer that question :-)

James Juran
jamesjuran at

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