winedefault.reg: FirstInstallDateTime value

Andreas Mohr andi at
Sat Jun 29 18:09:25 CDT 2002

On Sun, Jun 30, 2002 at 12:00:36AM +0200, Joerg Mayer wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 29, 2002 at 08:37:53PM +0200, Andreas Mohr wrote:
> > this adds the FirstInstallDateTime key, which is required by a program
> > some guy tested in the newsgroup.
> > +"FirstInstallDateTime"=hex:21,81,7c,23
> How about adding a comment which date that is?
Heh, actually I've got no idea :-)
All I know is that it doesn't seem to be a Unix epoch value, and that it's
the install date of my box.

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