Update: Agenda for wineconf 2002

Michael Robertson michael at lindows.com
Fri Mar 1 17:12:38 CST 2002

We have two full days planned (March 15th-16th). The sessions will go from 
9-5 on both Friday and Saturday. I think all of the international attendees 
are coming in on Thurs, so they'll be rested up to start at 9am Friday 
morning. Both days, breakfast pastries will be provided at the conference 
premises along with lunch. Dinners will be within walking distance on Friday 
and Saturday shuttles will be provided to our dinner spot. 

We're also planning on providing transportation from the airport to hotels on 
Thurs for our out of town guests. So a rental cars may not be necessary 
unless you're planning on extra activities on Sunday that aren't part of the 

As for the conference sessions, the attendees are the speakers, so we're 
asking those in attendance to prepare a 30-45 minute presentation meant to 
educate and inform as well as spur on discussion. If you don't see your name 
on the list below, please send me a topic you would like to give a 
presenation on. We have a great conference venue lined up which will have 
plenty of meeting rooms and state of the art presentation capabilities along 
with internet access. To give a presentation, you can either bring a laptop 
to plug into the video projection system or you can email to me your 
presentation and I will insure that it is on a computer plugged into the 
projection system for your presentation. 

There are 3 areas that we'll be focusing on:

Business issues - This will be a combination of presentation from companies 
talking about their business experience with WINE as well as talks on the 
non-technical issues facing WINE. 

Wine Technology - There will be some advanced topics as well as some more 
general overviews. Since (http://www.lpbn.org) will be on hand to shoot video 
of all the session, our goal is to have a video series that those newer to 
wine can view at anytime via the net to get up to speed. There will be a 
series of more advanced topics as well. 

Future of wine - These will be talks focusing on looking forward to 
technology and business issues confronting wine. Alexandre's keynote will set 
the tone and provide a roadmap for many of the discussions. 

The specific times for the speakers below have not been set other than 
Alexandre's keynote which naturally will start the conference. Here's the 
working list. If you see your name below and don't like the topic, let me 
know that people have requested we're happy to change it. If you don't see 
your name below, let me know and we'll do our best to accomodate you!

-- MR

Business Talks
An Unique Commercial Application for WINE [Cadlink Technology/Hawkes]
Gaming and Beyond  [Transgaming/State]
ReactOS - Where it's at, where it's going [ReactOS/Filby]
Corel, A Look Back [Xandros/Tranter]
Crossover Strategy [Codeweavers/???]
Macadamian - Making It As A Software House [Hatheway]
Developer Funding, Who Pays The Rent [???]

Wine Technology
Approaches to debug a random windows program different approach [Weigand]
Development Model [AJ]
NORM - The secret weapon [Codeweavers/???]
Making Fonts Not Look Like Crap [Davies]
Regression Testing [???]
How To Improve The Debugger [Meissner]
Maximizing performance of WINE [???]
Package streamlining of WINE [???]
DirectX [Kaaven]
WINE as a porting tool [Jacques]
API Standardization [???]

Future of Wine 
AJ - Wine Keynote to open the conference 9am on Friday. 
WINE's "Most Wanted": Features To Make WINE Great [???]

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