update on bug #11 and #435, newbie questions

jasonp jasonp1 at cox.net
Fri Mar 1 15:55:26 CST 2002

I'm new to Wine development and was checking out bug #11 (from "tasklet" 
meta-bug #406)
I added some comments for it. It seems beyond the scope of a beginner type 
bug. See bug for details.
Also, the latest build was having problems getting configure to recognize 
freetype which was already reported as #435. It has some more details now.

Something else I came across:
the most recent tarfile for CVS dirs, "wine-cvsdirs-20011226.tar.gz",
is missing the directory for "wine/dlls/crypt32/CVS"
Should this be reported as a bug?

I was going to look at bug #323  (close stdout/stderr for wineclipsrv, ie. 
run as daemon)
Any suggestions or comments for that?
Wouldn't the system call daemon() take care of it pretty easily?

Jason Phillips

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