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> I have attached the result of my work in understanding of workings of
> It seems that all cases except of "if(wParam == 1)" work as expected.
> Hope it will help to concentrate our efforts.

Hi Dmitry,

Here is my current code. Together with the toolbar.c patch committed
2/26/2002, this code seems to display the IE5.5 "Favorites" menu dropdown
fairly well. The changes to spy.c display the SIZE structure before and
after the message processing. Very helpful in watching the native control.

Known problems:
1. First embeded toolbar (containing the "Add..." and "Orginize..." buttons)
does not seem to be processed as vertical, thus only the "Add.." button
shows. But the actual bookmarks show up and pager works.
2. Your code segment with the GetWindowRect and MapWindowPoints I also see
in the relay trace. It needs more investigation.
3. I also have a relay trace fragment that shows a loop through each button
doing some measurement by GetDC, GetTextExtent.....  We need to understand
it better.

Well back to the relay traces.

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