String Resources & Popup Problem

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Mar 4 00:02:34 CST 2002

"Sylvain Petreolle" <spetreolle at> wrote:

> Using code from notepad to reimplement lang with
> resources, I have a problem (searched over the net
> but didn't found speicfic help).


I would recommend to have a look at dlls/user/resources/user32.rc,
user32_xx.rc and try to use the same approach for notepad.
I.e. separate all language resources to different files and create
in that files complete menus, string tables, etc. It is a much
more clean way IMHO and will eliminate all current headaches
to try maintain string tables for different languages and resource
files which actually make use of that string tables in a sane way.


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