Thanks -- well done

law at law at
Tue Mar 5 10:52:54 CST 2002

I've been following Wine development for the last 6 months, mostly watching
for improvements for the 2 Windows applications I actually care about --
Quicken and TurboTax.

Quicken has been mostly usable for that entire time period; however it's
behavior has significantly improved.  Far fewer hangs, crashes and other
undesirable behavior.  I won't enumerate the problems y'all have fixed,
but the user-visible progress has been great.  There's still some rough
edges, but the improvements have been huge.

TurboTax was basically unusable until recently -- but when I returned from
a short vacation and updated my wine sources, all the show-stopping issues
with TurboTax had been resolved.  Amazing.

The one issue in both tools that I still need to check on is both
consistently ran out of GDI space, which I've hacked around with some
tweaks to gdiobj.c. 

There was a 3rd application I've been evaluating (RentTracker) which was
also unusable in mid-Feb, but which appears to work flawlessly now.

I just wanted to let you know that you've made great strides recently 
and your work is greatly appreciated.  


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