What creates fake files?

Philipp Wollermann phil_wo at gmx.net
Tue Mar 5 14:09:17 CST 2002

> I need to test a fix for a bug on a clean Wine
> installation.
> After removing my configuration directory, running
> tools/wineinstall I noticed that new Windows
> directories do not have fake files with 0 length I
> used to see in my old directory (shell.dll,
> shell32.dll, winsock.dll, wnsock32.dll, autoexec.bat,
> config.sys). All these fake files have exactly the
> same time, the same as some directories (e.g. Recent,
> SendTo, which do not exist in the new directory).
> Obviously, all these changes could not be made
> manually by me.
> Do you know what application created these
> files/directories or I just dreamed all this up?
> Andriy Palamarchuk

You can create fake files with the command 'touch'.
So if you want to create shell32.dll you would use:
touch shell32.dll
This simply creates a zero byte file with the name given.


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