DDE problems on 16bit Apps

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sat Mar 9 07:33:15 CST 2002

list at vmn.com.br a écrit :
> Hi,
> Below is the initialisation code of PDV.EXE (a), the app that
> calls DISP.EXE and thens set's up DDE.
> Both are 16bit. I have added some comments to try and
> clarify the code. I have also added the output of
>  wine --debugmsg +dll,+shell,+ddeml PDV.EXE (b).
> Yesterday, I ran winedbg and set a breakpoint on DDeConnect.
> A backtrace from the function is below (c).
> The step through the function showed that

the trace is different from the other day.
the other day, the second program was getting initialized (in a DDE
standpoint) after the first one tried to connect
here, this part goes well, but the XTYP_CONNECT on the server side
(second program) returns 0, whereas it should return a non zero
value when it accepts the connection
there's some missing part in the 16/32 conversion for this message,
so would you mind checking the reasons why  XTYP_CONNECT on server
side would return 0


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