winedbg crashing

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Mar 9 07:40:14 CST 2002

mehmet yasar a écrit :
> > do you run winedbg through the wine console ?
> No I had disabled it, but when I told winedbg to use its own xterm that
> worked.
no, wineconsole and unix console (either in main console or in separate
use two different ways for mapping windows console handles to real

however, the difference between the "main" console and a separate xterm
is that
in first case the debugger would inherit the "default" unix handle from
parent (ie the one which has just crashed). if the app messes with those
then the streams might not be correct
anyway, the handling of windows console on "real" unix console should be
to wineconsole some day, which might fix your trouble.


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