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jasonp jasonp1 at
Sat Mar 9 15:44:32 CST 2002

On Thursday 07 March 2002 07:17 pm, Michael Robertson wrote:
> Jason,
> > So if I understand correctly only invited Wine people are welcome at the
> > conference? Or else people experienced enough to be able to give a
> > presentation?
> It is open to anyone who wants to attend, but the heavy technical focus
> makes it best suited for people that are interested in that kind of stuff.
> We're going to close registration on Tuesday so that we can plan for the
> specific number. So people who have not registered yet should right away.
> We are asking attendees to give presentations and the vast majority are.
> It's not a pre-requisite though.
> -- MR

Okay, in that case I'd like to go since the both the technical and business 
aspects of it are interesting to me. 

What would the intended audience be for the presentations?
Would it be presented to all invited participants, small groups, web-cam only 
or any of the above depending on the presentation?

Considering the crowd attending and my lack of experience programming Wine 
I'd pass on the presentation unless it was geared towards programmers who 
were also just beginning.
For example, maybe explain fairly thoroughly what "wineclipsrv" is and how it 
works. That's small and I've already looked at that code.  Would anyone be 
interested in something that narrowly defined?
Maybe some kind of overview or reference to "wineserver" too, but only from 
the context of "I'm new to this too so don't take anything I say too 
authoritatively". Would that be of value?

Jason Phillips

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