Fixing winebuild to (almost) work on Windows

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Sat Mar 9 16:43:28 CST 2002

> I was able to get it to compile but not work on mingw. Did you build
> libwine_unicode as a dll for windows? 

Yes, that was not much problem.

> I think it is needed 
> for winebuild

Yes and no the function needed from libwine_unicode
existing in Microsoft's C library under another name.

> and wrc. 

Haven't tried to port wrc yet.
Currently using Microsoft .rc compiler.

> How are you working with the resource files under 
> MSVC, does it
> support wine resources? 

Not 100% no.

> Currently windress pukes for me and 
> I've had to
> use binary resources in our port. When I get back from wineconf I will
> try to put wrc again.

Yes, I will likely try that to.

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