Agenda for wineconf

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Mar 11 12:57:33 CST 2002

I'd like to propose a slight change in format, Michael.

Rather than an emphasis solely on presentations, I
think we would do well to have more of a mix of presentations and
working groups.

For example, I think it would be great to have a working
group tackle the issue of performance in Wine.

I'd be happy to spark a 'What should be in Wine 1.0?' discussion 
group on Friday (can't make it on Saturday).

Also, I think that Francois's topic might sensibly be shifted
into a discussion of how best to do regression testing.

Of course, this implies that white boards and laptop power
will be a key ingredient...

Thoughts?  Comments?  Other working group topics we should address?


On Thu, 2002-03-07 at 13:50, Michael Robertson wrote:
> Below is an up to date agenda for wineconf 2002. Things are coming together 
> great and it should be a information filled event. Thanks to all the 
> attendees who are going to make this event worthwhile through their valuable  
> presentations. Be sure and get that haircut before coming because my sources 
> tell me there will be 3 video cameras capturing this event for later 
> broadcasting. 
> We have two full days planned (March 15th-16th). The sessions will go from 
> 9-5 on both Friday and Saturday. I think all of the international attendees 
> are coming in on Thurs, so they'll be rested up to start at 9am Friday 
> morning. Both days, breakfast pastries will be provided at the conference 
> premises along with lunch. Dinners will be within walking distance on Friday 
> and Saturday. 
> We're also planning on providing transportation from the airport to hotels on 
> Thurs for our out of town guests. So a rental cars may not be necessary 
> unless you're planning on extra activities on Sunday that aren't part of the 
> conference. 
> As for the conference sessions, the attendees are the speakers, so we're 
> asking those in attendance to prepare a 30-45 minute presentation meant to 
> educate and inform as well as spur on discussion. If you don't see your name 
> on the list below, please send me a topic you would like to give a 
> presenation on. I've heard from nearly everyone. 
> We have a great conference venue lined up which will have 
> plenty of meeting rooms and state of the art presentation capabilities along 
> with internet access. To give a presentation, you can either bring a laptop 
> to plug into the video projection system or you can email to me your 
> presentation and I will insure that it is on a computer plugged into the 
> projection system for your presentation. 
> There are 2 areas that we'll be focusing on:
> Business issues - This will be a combination of presentation from companies 
> talking about their business experience with WINE as well as talks on the 
> non-technical issues facing WINE. 
> Wine Technology - There will be some advanced topics as well as some more 
> general overviews. Since ( will be on hand to shoot video 
> of all the session, our goal is to have a video series that those newer to 
> wine can view at anytime via the net to get up to speed. Alexandre's keynote will set 
> the tone and provide a roadmap for many of the discussions. Alexandre's 
> keynote will kickoff the conference. 
> NOTE: Presentations listed below with a * designate a Friday presentation. If 
> there's no asteric, then the presentation will be on Saturday. For maximum 
> diversity, we will be alternating between technology presentations and 
> business. There will be two technology presentations and then one on a 
> business topic. Repeat. 
> Wine Technology
> --------------------
> WINE Past, Present and Future [Julliard]*
> Supporting Drag and Drop between Wine and non-Wine windows [Weigland]*
> How To Make Fonts Look Great In Wine [Davies]*
> Package streamlining of WINE [Meissner]*
> DirectX [Kaaven]*
> IActiveScript, or how jscript.dll was reimplemented using the Mozilla
> JScript engine, lots of glue, and a little bit of luck". [Hatheway]*
> Beyond Trial And Error, Alternative Ways To Insure Quality Code [Stridvall]
> A Howto For Regression Testing [Gouget]
> Winedoc and Automated Verification [Paun]
> Wine/Windows bootup handling and documentation/end user representation [Mohr]
> Package streamlining of WINE [Meissner]
> TBD [Czekalla]
> Business Talks
> -----------------
> Macadamian - Making It As A Software House [Boulanger]*
> An Unique Commercial Application for WINE [Cadlink Technology/Hawkes]*
> Gaming and Beyond  [Transgaming/State]*
> ReactOS - Where it's at, where it's going [ReactOS/Filby]
> Corel, A Look Back [Xandros/Tranter]
> And WINE [Robertson]

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