wineconf: Transport from the hotels to the conferance

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Mon Mar 11 14:49:28 CST 2002

> We have two full days planned (March 15th-16th). The sessions 
> will go from 
> 9-5 on both Friday and Saturday. I think all of the 
> international attendees 
> are coming in on Thurs, so they'll be rested up to start at 
> 9am Friday 
> morning. Both days, breakfast pastries will be provided at 
> the conference 
> premises along with lunch. Dinners will be within walking 
> distance on Friday 
> and Saturday. 
> We're also planning on providing transportation from the 
> airport to hotels on 
> Thurs for our out of town guests.

OK. There is a few small details left that need clarification.

How and when will we get from our hotels to the the conferance?

Personally I have booked room at the recommended hotel:
Homestead San Diego Mira Mesa

So will somebody pick us up at our hotels?
Since we have booked hotel ourselves you are not
likely to know were we are but still...

Anyway, taking a taxi or a cab (or whatever you call
it the US) will not be that hard.

However, since I guess more than people than I have booked at the
recommended hotel "Homestead San Diego Mira Mesa" perhaps we
that should agree on some time to meet at some appropriate
place at the hotel?

What about 7.00 AM in or near the reception?
Is that to early or to late? Since the sessions begin at 
9.00 AM and some sort of breakfast in served at the
conferance getting there early might not be a bad idea.

BTW. How early can we arrive at the conferance?

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